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discount Graphite Digestion Apparatus


9 Апр 2020
RapBlock(RB) SmartGraphite Digestion System
RapBlock adopts innovative technology, under the principle of practicability, durability and humanize, strengths of rapid heating, program heating, remote control, complete digestion, highly efficiency,
It can be widely used on Food, Medicine, Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental protection, CDC, Chemical and other industries, besides that, it can also application on Scientific Research Departments for Soil, Feed, Plants, Seeds, Ore Digestion process, Biological Tissue Samples etc.
Rapid Digestions
Overheat Protection
Time/Temperature Control
Chemical Resistant Housing
Exhaust System with insulated handles
Two Tier Console with drip tray
Block Digestion
Remote control
Automatic Lift System
Different insert racks / tube sizes
Multiple protection—Anti-corrosion & Durable
1.Pyroceram top panel, not only easily clean but also anti-corrosion.
2.Special high temperature anti-corrosive coating on the surface of graphite, effectively prevents strong acid erosion.
3.Stainless steel instrument shell with surface sprays anti-corrosive coating, outstanding corrosion-resistant performance.
4.Electrical system is separated individually, which can protect electrical components from acid gas corrosion.
5.Adopt wireless control, to avoid corroding on traditional wire line.
Wireless control——Safe & Easy to operate
RapBlock can be operated independently or controlled by wireless.
Users can remotely control the instrument by Mobile APP of the Android system. The digestive process can be easily finished at the fume hood window closed. Reduce the touching of users and acid gas, good for user’s health.
1.Temperature curve can be observe on cellphone displays during digestion process.
2.Compile and set up the digestion temperature and duration.
3.Start and stop the digestion operation by cellphone.
4.Build-in expert procedures which can be invoked at any time, modify and save any procedures.
5.Buzzing alarms at the end of the procedures.
Automaticlly lifting——Protect the samples
RapBlock can automatically lifting the samples after digestion process finished , the samples will be separated from graphite heating body , to prevent samples loss from redundant heat, and recovery reduced.
During the process of digestion, the samples can be lifted or pulled down by the key”UP””DOWN”on the instrument.
Homogeneous Heating
RapBlock adopts unique carbon fiber homogeneous heater, heating the samples by isostatic pressing graphite body. Temperature rising faster and distribute evenly between graphite holes. Service life is longer.
RapBlock Technical Specification
Series RB1 RB2RB1HRB2H
Model RB1-2430 RB1-1542 RB2-3630 RB2-2542 RB1H-2430 RB1H-1542 RB2H-3630 RB2H-2542
Digestion Capacity 2415362524153625
Digestion Tube Φ31×50mmΦ43×50mmΦ31×50mmΦ43×50mmΦ31×50mmΦ43×50mmΦ31×50mmΦ43×50mm
Digestion Shelf Type Integral type
Temperature Range Ambient temperature~240°C Ambient temperature~450°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.2℃ (@150°C)
Temperature Difference in holes ± 0.5°C (@150°C)
Key Type Pyroceram surface anti-corrosive capacitor touching plate
Wireless control(optional) Available remotely controled by Mobile Terminal due to the APP of Android system
External temperature sensor
(optional) Monitor the temperature of digested samples currently.
Digestive Tube lifted automatically
(optional) RB1
The module of digestive Tube lifted automaticallyRB2
The module of digestive Tube lifted automaticallyRB1
The module of digestive Tube lifted automaticallyRB2
The module of digestive Tube lifted automatically
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz±10%
Rated Power 1600 W2800W1600 W2800W
External Dimension (L x W x H) mm 420x460x195420x560x195420x460x195420x560x195
Digestion Tube
NO.MartialTolerable temperatureDiameterStandard capacity
1Teflon (flat bottom)240℃30mm50mL
2Teflon(round bottom)240℃30mm50mL
3Teflon (flat bottom)240℃42mm100mL
4Teflon(round bottom)240℃42mm100mL
6Borosilicate(round bottom)450℃30mm50mL
7Borosilicate(flat bottom)450℃42mm100 mL
8Borosilicate(round bottom)450℃42mm100 mL
Integrally digestion tube rackHeating and DigestingSample Cooling
Tube RackModelMartial lCoatingHole count-aperture
F2431Stainless304Teflon24-Ф31mmdiscount Graphite Digestion Apparatus
website:China Customized Graphite Digestion Apparatus Manufacturers - Discount Graphite Digestion Apparatus - Auwii